I am thrilled to announce that I am joining the Unchained Capital Concierge Team, where I get the opportunity to help individuals take the next step of their bitcoin journey – something that I find quite empowering.

The concept of personal sovereignty has always been important to me. Before I had even heard of bitcoin, I was working on ways to be more self-reliant in my day to day life by learning skills that enabled me to be less dependent on outside sources. This journey sparked an interest in ‘hard money’ and an overall deep desire to move away from the inequities in our current system – by contributing to a competing alternative to central banking. This is what first attracted me to bitcoin – hard money, with no middle man. The idea that it had all the qualities I was looking for, while solving the issues I saw in gold, was revolutionary to me. Bitcoin made complete sense to me on a philosophical level.

But, just like anything else worth doing, there was a learning curve I had to commit to. For someone like myself, trying to tackle the technical aspects of bitcoin was quite daunting. I quickly realized that to achieve the personal sovereignty I was after, I would need to learn an entirely new skill set and get comfortable with the technology.

Private Keys = Ownership

For the first time in human history, everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve financial freedom by leveraging the unique properties of bitcoin. All the tools needed are there, open to all at extremely low cost, but it takes effort to learn how to use them. For many people, this can be daunting and often prevents them from ever experiencing the financial freedom that Bitcoin natively delivers.

For me, self-sovereignty was what motivated me to take control of private keys and understand the technical aspects of bitcoin. Understanding the technical details required me to push outside of my comfort zone and reach out for help, sometimes from complete strangers on Twitter.

After hours of chats with anon characters, absorbing endless amounts of information in any place I could find it, and making more mistakes than I would like to admit, I started to slowly conquer each aspect of financial sovereignty… One by one.

The essential bitcoin experience is holding your own keys and securing funds in your custody, but this is a foreign concept to people who have never used bitcoin before, or who don’t originally have some sort of technical background – like myself.

So how can we help the next wave of new Bitcoin holders conquer self-custody?

Bitcoin is a journey

What if you could have a personal guide to help you with that journey? Someone who could walk you through what a bitcoin key is and the importance of managing them on your own? Someone who can help guide you through all of the challenging aspects of bitcoin that keep many from getting started. Your personal guide on your bitcoin journey. And what if those people were exclusively focused on building services using the native tools of the network?

That is exactly what Unchained Capital is doing – offering services that keep true to the core values of bitcoin- by simply helping people use it effectively while eliminating single points of failure.

The Unchained Capital Team – Bitcoiners working on Bitcoin

When I decided to quit my fiat job and start working in bitcoin full time, I had very specific things I was looking for. I didn’t want to sacrifice my passion of helping people achieve self-sovereignty. I didn’t want to work on things I didn’t believe in, and I wanted to ensure I didn’t get stuck at a company that was more interested in hype, rather than focusing on delivering value.

I wanted to be somewhere that focused on bitcoin only, was known for their integrity, and where I would be surrounded by brilliant minds that I could continue to learn from. Personally, I feel my journey has just begun… even though I have come so far already. I wanted the opportunity to learn and grow within a team focused on the things I find important myself.

And I found that with Unchained Capital.

The team is full of hardcore bitcoiners, working on bitcon native services. They help individuals on their bitcoin journey, in a way that doesn’t require the individual to give up the important ownership that comes with private keys. In fact, their whole business is built upon the foundation of private keys and maximizing self-sovereignty and control – every product and service goes back to that foundation.

I am so thrilled about the opportunity to teach people how to take control of private keys with the Unchained Concierge team, and to work alongside the rest of the Unchained team to guide individuals and businesses along in their Bitcoin journey.

I feel that my own personal journey in this space has given me the experience and expertise to be a beneficial asset to help educate others. I am looking forward to helping individuals overcome their own challenges and guide the next wave of sovereign bitcoiners.

Reach out to me at Justine@unchained.com if you’re ready to graduate to taking control of private keys.