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California “Do Not Sell” information

Unchained Capital, Inc., along with its subsidiaries and affiliates, (collectively “Unchained”) does not engage in the sale of personal information for direct cash compensation. As noted in our Privacy Policy, we share personal information with other businesses for a variety of reasons. While we do benefit from such exchanges, we do not share personal information for the sole purpose of receiving monetary compensation.

Our site does use third-party “cookies,” which share information with certain third parties as a condition of certain services received from said parties as detailed in our Cookie Policy. You can opt-out of cookies as detailed in the Cookie Policy.

Requests to change, correct, or delete personal information

You may change, correct or delete most personal information that you have provided to us by emailing us at or calling us at (844) 486-2424. We may not accommodate a request to delete or change information if we believe the deletion or change would violate any legal or regulatory requirement or would cause information to be incorrect.