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Caravan is a stateless and flexible multisig coordinator that integrates with your hardware or software keys and your bitcoin node or a block explorer. Caravan makes it easy to build and spend from multisig addresses right in your web browser.



Unchained-Wallets is a Javascript library that contains Trezor, Ledger, and Hermit interactions through the browser. It can be used to more easily integrate bitcoin hardware wallet devices with a multisignature wallet application.


Unchained-Bitcoin is an open Javascript library that contains useful functions for key management, validation, and especially multisig address construction and transaction authoring. It relies on the popular and well-tested bitcoinjs-lib library but layers in additional functionality to help developers quickly get up and running with multisig.



Hermit is a command-line, sharded, air-gapped wallet designed to help groups of people safely manage and use bitcoin private keys through leveraging the emerging SLIP-0039 standard. Hermit communicates entirely through QR codes, using a camera and screen. It is designed to run in a stripped-down Linux environment on custom hardware with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and all other forms of wired & wireless communication removed.


Unchained Capital contributed the C-Library for the SLIP-0039 Shamir sharing protocol. SLIP-0039 allows for hierarchical shards of private keys, which gives individuals and groups more flexibility in how they store and interact with private keys.