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A better way forward

Invest in your company’s future, secure your bitcoin with an Unchained vault


Easily onboard your business to multisig

Our Concierge team will help your business take control of its bitcoin keys. Every package comes with multiple video sessions with our bitcoin experts, who will provide step-by-step vault set-up instructions and best-practice operational security tailored to the needs of your business. Plus, we’re here for you after onboarding. With expert ongoing support, you’ll have everything you need to take complete control of your business’ bitcoin.

Select a package

We will ship you hardware wallets if you need them and coordinate a time to help with vault creation.

Configure and train

Our Concierge team walks you through device set-up, provides operational security guidance, and gives hands-on support.

Build your vault

We assist with vault creation, configure advanced features, and can even help you make a deposit from an exchange.

Concierge Onboarding package

Concierge Onboarding for vault setup

We’ll provide all the guidance your company needs to secure bitcoin in cold storage that your team controls. Starting at $600.

Video calls to guide your team safely through vault setup
Advisory on key management tailored to business needs
Hardware wallets, if you need them (additional cost)
Includes trial of Premium Support
Ongoing support for maximum confidence
We’ll help each user set up a personal vault too
Start onboarding now

30-day trial of Premium Support

Concierge Onboarding comes with access to priority support channels and the option to book additional video calls to help with sensitive vault tasks. We make sure that you have the support you need to get familiar and confident with your new bitcoin security setup.

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Frequently-asked questions

What’s covered?

The Concierge calls will walk your team through configuring devices, walking users through each step in the process and explaining why certain configuration decisions are made. The vault construction calls will teach you about multisig and best practices for securing hardware wallets, recovery seeds, and wallet configuration files in regard to your specific needs and living situation. Depending on the package, your Concierge team will provide operational security guidance and consulting. The team will also walk you through adding account-level security features to protect your business vault.

Support questions can be emailed directly to your vault Concierge specialist or to and a team member will assist you.

How is Concierge different from a vault demo?

The Concierge Onboarding packages come with hands-on guided support for configuring devices, building vaults, and operational security guidance. In addition, we will take care of shipping hardware wallets to you. Once the setup is complete, the amount of bitcoin included with your package will be deposited into your new vault.

The vault demo is a complimentary demo of the vaults. We will provide written guides and videos to help you set up your devices and build your vault. Book a demo here.

How does device configuration work?

Your vault specialist will coordinate times with your team members to configure your new hardware wallets, according to the manufacturer’s setup steps. The calls will take place over video chat, and the vault specialist will share their screen to walk you and your team members through the steps. You will never be asked to share private key information during the phone calls.

Can my business build a vault without Concierge Onboarding?

We recommend all businesses, even those led by experienced bitcoiners, go through Concierge Onboarding. This is to ensure that all users follow best practices and put the right foot forward when embarking on securing the company’s bitcoin treasury. However, it is possible to build a business vault DIY, as long as you have access to the required hardware wallets.

How long will the hardware wallets take to ship?

After completing payment, you’ll usually receive your purchased hardware wallets within five working days. We will provide tracking information as soon as it is available. We can only provide hardware wallets to U.S.-based businesses.

Is the Concierge team available for questions?

You will have direct contact information for your dedicated Concierge support, and are welcome to email at any time for general questions.