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Everything you need to feel secure with your bitcoin wealth

Dedicated account management

Get all your bitcoin questions answered from someone who knows your personal situation well. You’ll have their personal contact number so you can always reach them. Quarterly scheduled account reviews to ensure that you are always up-to-date and feeling confident.

Invitations to exclusive events and early access

You’re first on the guest list for our annual black-tie gala and our bi-monthly virtual meetings with Tuur Demeester and other industry thought-leaders who will answer your questions. Get early access to new Unchained products and services.

Manage all of your estate’s bitcoin from one place

A personal account and as many trust accounts as you need to service all of your estate’s bitcoin. Invite your finance team to your trust accounts to help them manage your bitcoin, but keep all of your legal contexts separated and distinct.
Trust vaults explained

A Signature gift

As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a personalized welcome kit with iconic bitcoin items such as a monogrammed box and polo, a blockclock and other surprises.

The best in bitcoin

We go above and beyond to ensure you have maximum confidence in your bitcoin security.

The Signature Experience

Dedicated account management

A single phone number you can call or text at any time for assistance with your bitcoin.

Exclusive events

An invitation to our annual black-tie gala and our bi-monthly market update meetings with Tuur Demeester. Connect with other Signature clients in a dedicated chat.

On-site emergency support

We’ll drop everything to address your emergency, including traveling to you if necessary. For non-emergencies, schedule time with our technical team whenever you have a question.

Unchained cosignatures

Use the Unchained key when you’re in a pinch. You only need a single hardware wallet accessible to be able to move your bitcoin.

Multiple trust accounts

Manage your personal and trust bitcoin all from one place, but legally segregated.

Concierge Onboarding

Get onboarded to your personal and trust vaults from the leading experts in bitcoin.

Early access to new products

We’ll prioritize your feedback when developing and designing new products and services.

Inheritance Protocol and replacements

Ensure the keys to your estate’s bitcoin make it to your heirs with the Inheritance Protocol.

Financial services at your fingertips


Integrated, compliant, and private trade execution to balance your portfolio.


Use your bitcoin for a US dollar loan of any size to make large purchases or grow your business.


Why pay extra taxes? Manage your tax burden by setting up traditional and Roth bitcoin IRAs.
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