Bitcoin vaults for your business


Not your keys, not your company’s coins

Just as individuals hold private keys as a standard, so too should businesses. Our business vaults make it easy for any organization to secure bitcoin itself rather than rely on a third-party custodian. Your team can collaborate to securely manage your bitcoin holdings, with the benefit of Unchained a partner, providing guidance, support, financial services, and cosignatures as required.

  • Complete control over your business’ bitcoin
  • Eliminate counterparty risk and distribute control
  • Private keys replace weaker forms of authentication
  • Require multiple approvals to complete a withdrawal
  • Complete control over funds, eliminate counterparty risk
  • Private keys replace weaker forms of authentication
  • Multiple members within business can collaborate
  • No single point of failure, native bitcoin multisig
  • External spending available by default with Caravan
  • Competitive features and pricing

Built for teams

Businesses have different challenges when securing bitcoin than individuals; our business vaults are tailored to the needs of multi-person organizations.

Your team can collaborate to secure your bitcoin, with any one team member holding only a single key. Set up approval and read-only roles to add additional layers of security and auditability.

User roles screenshot

Features and pricing

Want help with vault setup? Our Concierge Onboarding team can get your team started. Learn more.

Built for all businesses

Bitcoin treasuries

Whether your business is bitcoin-centric or not, Unchained’s business vaults are the most secure way to custody bitcoin held in treasury.

Family office & investment funds

If it’s your family’s wealth secured in bitcoin, take control of your private keys; for investment funds, eliminating counterparty risk is a key security column.


Any bank or bitcoin company can leverage Unchained’s collaborative custody to service their clients, while maintaining unilateral control of private keys.

Bitcoin Magazine, Blockyard, and Amber are examples of businesses using Unchained collaborative custody platform today.

A growing suite of financial services

Once you’re set up with a business vault, you can access our suite of integrated financial services built for the bitcoin holder.