Secure bitcoin in an enterprise custody network

A bitcoin-native solution to the problems of centralized enterprise custody

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A custody network ensures no single points of failure

Collaborative custody ensures that no single counterparty can put your bitcoin at risk of loss. If any of the companies on the network is unavailable, you can still use the other ones to move or recover your bitcoin.

A key distribution model that fits your exact standards

Don’t want to hold a key? No worries. Delegate key control to three best-in-class key agents or graduate into holding one or more keys. Partnering in custody reduces the costs and increases the cryptographic guarantees.

Segregated and fully compliant accounts

Your bitcoin is never comingled with other clients and is personally verifiable at all times on the blockchain, but your balances remain private to the public. All key agents are regulated financial institutions operating in separate jurisdictions.

A global network of enterprise keys

Regulated institutions in separate jurisdictions

The Unchained key

  • Over 6 years of operational experience securing billions of dollars worth of bitcoin
  • Every transaction manually reviewed with advanced corporate controls
  • SOC 1 & 2 certified
Our obsessive drive to ensure our key is safe for hundreds of years is what defines the Unchained key.
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Your institutional key agents

Enterprise keys for bitcoin treasuries


Georgia, USA
  • Bakkt® Custody is operated by Bakkt Trust Company LLC, an NYDFS Qualified Custodian
  • SOC 1 type II certified
  • Transaction and recovery key
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Cardiff, UK
  • Insured by Lloyd’s of London
  • ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus certified
  • Recovery key
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Kingdom Trust

South Dakota, USA
  • Qualified custodian
  • Securing a collaborative custody key since 2022
  • Transaction and recovery key
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Hire three key agents

It's possible to avoid giving up control to a single entity, even if you can’t hold a key. The keys are geographically distributed among three independent best-in-class key agents.
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Verify your bitcoin

Secure one key to make sure your bitcoin is where it should be at all times. Cryptographically verify all vault balances and participate in transactions.
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Control a majority of the keys

Move value around without anyone’s approval. You have full permissionless control over the flow of funds by securing a majority of the keys.
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The best security in bitcoin

We go above and beyond to ensure you have maximum confidence in your bitcoin security.

Financial services at your fingertips


Integrated, compliant, and private trade execution to balance your treasury.

Commercial loans

Use your bitcoin for a loan to finance operations or grow your business.

Multisig, Shamir's secret sharing, or MPC?

We’ve put together a complete guide that covers everything you need to know about the various approaches to institutional-grade bitcoin custody.
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A single company should never be able to lose your bitcoin.