Unchained for miners

Protect and manage your bitcoin treasury

A comprehensive and tailored platform for miners that value collaborative custody

$4 billion+
Bitcoin secured
Mining clients
Lost bitcoin

Total control of your bitcoin treasury

Collaborative custody ensures that no single counterparty can put your bitcoin at risk of loss. Advanced team management tools and batch payouts to LPs set your company up for success.
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Sell bitcoin and finance operations

Liquidate bitcoin securely through the Unchained trading desk, which doesn’t involve any additional counterparties. Get access to liquidity through commerical lending that unlocks the value of your bitcoin treasury without selling.
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Segregated and fully compliant accounts

Your bitcoin is never comingled with other clients and is personally verifiable and recoverable at all times, but your balances remain private.

“Unchained’s multisig is the go-to solution for miners. I often take for granted the peace of mind their solution provides.”

Flexible custody options

Hire three key agents

Not giving control to a single entity is possible, even if you can’t hold a key. The keys are geographically distributed among three independent best-in-class key agents.
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Verify your bitcoin

Secure one key to make sure your bitcoin is where it should be at all times. Cryptographically verify all vault balances and participate in transactions.
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Control a majority of the keys

Move value around without anyone’s approval. You have full permissionless control over the flow of funds by securing a majority of the keys.
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A leader in the bitcoin mining community

Unchained hosts one of the world’s largest bitcoin meetups held monthly in Houston and centered on mining.

Houston bitcoin meetup

The Houston Meetup is designed to bring like minds together. Experienced and new bitcoin enthusiasts collaborate with Texas energy industry leaders at this monthly event.

Empower conference

Energizing Bitcoin is the only bitcoin mining conference focused on the energy industry. Topics include ways to reduce flaring, recover economic value from stranded assets, and diversify revenue streams.

Fort Worth Petroleum club

The Fort Worth Petroleum club captures the entrepreneurial spirit that made the wildcatter days so dynamic by offering innovative, forward-thinking programming and events to help create meaningful connections.

Miners love Unchained

We go above and beyond to ensure you have maximum confidence in your bitcoin security.

A single company should never be able to lose your bitcoin.