Advancing multisig for collaborative custody

We’re building best-in-class, secure, open-source tooling to help push multisig standards forward.

Why we care about open source

Building on bitcoin

By providing best-in-class, secure open-source signing tooling, we're not just investing in our own future, but also in the bitcoin network.

Leading the way on bitcoin multisig

Investing in open source helps us discover cutting-edge solutions that keep us at the forefront of bitcoin self-custody and multisig, putting keys in the hands of the next billion.

Working in public

Our open-source development reflects our engineering culture - developing code that can stand the test of time and delivers reliability to our users.

Building with 2140 in mind

At Unchained, we’re building for the long-run, and we want to work with others who are, too.


Caravan is Unchained Capital's stateless, open-source multisig wallet tool. Caravan was designed as a recovery tool for vaults and loans; Unchained clients can use the tool to retain full access to their bitcoin in the case that Unchained services are down or no longer exist.

Unchained bitcoin

Unchained-Bitcoin is an open Javascript library that contains useful functions for key management, validation, and especially multisig address construction and transaction authoring. It relies on the popular and well-tested bitcoinjs-lib library but layers in additional functionality to help developers quickly get up and running with multisig.

Unchained wallets

Unchained-Wallets is a Javascript library that contains Trezor, Ledger, and Hermit interactions through the browser. It can be used to more easily integrate bitcoin hardware wallet devices with a multisignature wallet application.


Hermit is a command-line, sharded, air-gapped wallet designed to help groups of people safely manage and use bitcoin private keys through leveraging the emerging SLIP-0039 standard. It is designed to run in a stripped-down Linux environment on custom hardware with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and all other forms of wired & wireless communication removed.

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Commu­nity colla­boration

Working with others in the industry to advance bitcoin.


Bolstering multisig security w/ Ledger

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