Business Vaults

Total control of your treasury

Secure bitcoin in a business vault and never lose access to your money

Protection from bank or exchange failures

Securing bitcoin keys in cold storage ensures your treasury is not exposed to counterparty risks. Take your bitcoin safely offline with an Unchained vault.

Bitcoin keys for your team

Teams have unique challenges when it comes to holding bitcoin keys. Unchained business vaults make collaborating for transactions, accounting, and employee rotation seamless.
Business vault explained

Onboarding and support from the best in the industry

Get the help your team needs, from implementation to ongoing technical support from the most experienced and professional team in bitcoin.
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Businesses love Unchained

We go above and beyond to ensure you have maximum confidence in your bitcoin security.

Bitcoin operations simplified

Simple team management

Set granular permissions for key holders, auditors, and approval policies. Each member has unique logins.

Secure cosignatures

If you only have access to one key, we can cosign transactions to help. Requires team approval.

Smoother key rotations

Employee departure? Replacing a key is simple, and unlike other wallets, your vault history persists.

How collaborative custody works


A total of three keys control your vault, with two of those keys required to approve a spend.

You hold two keys

With two keys, you’re in total control of your bitcoin. Each key should be kept in a separate location.

We secure a backup key

With only one key, we have no control over your bitcoin. But in the event you can’t access one of your keys, we can work with you to withdraw your bitcoin.

Vaults for every team

Our business vaults provide all the tools required to distribute and manage control across your team.
  • Business
  • Trust
  • Family office
  • Charity
  • Other entity
Business vault pricing

Financial services at your fingertips


Integrated, compliant, and private trade execution to balance your treasury.

Commercial loans

Use your bitcoin for a loan to finance operations or grow your business.

Bitcoin custody built with miners in mind

Unchained vaults are a comprehensive and tailored platform for miners that value collaborative custody. Advanced team management tools and batch payouts to LPs set your company up for success.
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