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As your bitcoin holdings rise in value, sovereignty becomes an ever more important security feature. Our platform enhances security through easy-to-use multisignature cold storage while also preserving your control over your assets.

Learn how multisignature improves your security.

  • Enhanced security with multisig
  • Preserves your sovereignty
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Trusted partner to facilitate transactions
  • Simple access to loans

Eliminate Single Points of Failure From Your Bitcoin Security

Vault onboarding that caters to your experience, serving individuals, businesses and funds.

Build it Yourself

Start today with no setup or storage fees

Create an account and complete your profile

Upload public keys from your hardware wallets

Create a Vault

Get Help from an Expert

We’ll send and teach you how to use hardware wallets

We’ll build your vault together and teach you multisig

We’ll deposit $1,000 of bitcoin directly into your control

Concierge Onboarding
Watch Video Overview
Custody Models: Tailor Your Security Posture To Your Needs

Your Private Keys with Multisig Addresses


Users retain sovereignty over bitcoin

Users control 2-of-3 private keys

Unchained acts as a backup, or as a trusted co-signer


Managed service tailored for businesses

User controls 1-of-3 private keys

Unchained acts as a trusted co-signer

A third-party institution (Citadel SPV) acts as a backup

Unchained Vault Pricing Structure

**A fee of $20 for individuals and $125 for businesses will be applied to transactions where Unchained is requested to sign with its key.

Powerful Security Through A Simple Process


Our platform supports Trezor, Coldcard, and Ledger wallets as signing devices

Users upload extended public keys (xpub) to their account

Unchained never has access to a user’s private keys

If single keys are ever compromised, our platform will facilitate creating new keys and/or transfering funds to a new vault or another safe destination

How Unchained secures its keys


Users create a vault with uploaded xpub keys to derive a secure 2-of-3 multisig address

Every time a withdrawal or transfer occurs, a new multisig address is derived from the vault keys

Users are provided with the information necessary to move funds outside Unchained’s system as a backup fail safe, including redeem scripts and BIP32 paths

Users can create as many different vaults as they need or would like

Transactions & Signing

All transactions, including withdrawals and transfers, are on-chain & require cryptographic keys to sign

Only users can initiate transactions. Once initiated, a user will use their own key(s) to sign. If they control 2-of-3 keys, they can sign without any involvement from Unchained.

For certain vault types and thresholds, Unchained will validate the identity & intent of a user prior to cosigning

Once two keys have signed a valid transaction, the user has the responsibility to broadcast


The Only Firm with Integrated Custody and Financial Services

Compatible with the Most-Trusted Hardware Wallets

Choose devices from Trezor, Ledger or Coldcard, and get started with Unchained today!
Travel Easy

Feel more confident when you travel with your hardware wallet, knowing that it’s only 1/3rd of a quorum, so your assets are still protected by advanced authentication procedures.

100-Year Horizon

We expect our clients to hold bitcoin for life. Our services are built with this in mind, including self-custody, retirement, and inheritance.

High-Touch, Managed Service

We’re so much more than just a set of tools. Email, call, or text—we are here to help you on your bitcoin journey.