Sleep soundly knowing your bitcoin are secure

Take control of your bitcoin in the safest way possible with multisig vaults

The safest place for bitcoin is offline, in your control

Storing bitcoin in cold storage helps ensure your wealth is not exposed to the risk of hacks and exchange failures. Take your bitcoin safely offline with an Unchained vault.

Help when you need it with collaborative custody

When taking true ownership of your bitcoin, you don’t need to go it alone. Through our collaborative custodial model, you get the benefits of a bitcoin security partner while staying in total control of your bitcoin.

Protect yourself from small mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Vaults use multisig to ensure your bitcoin remain safe even if one of your two keys is lost or stolen. We can help you recover your bitcoin as long as you have access to at least one of your keys.

The best support in bitcoin

We go above and beyond to ensure you have maximum confidence in your bitcoin security.

Make sure your loved ones can recover access to your bitcoin

Ensure your bitcoin are passed on to your heirs smoothly. Concierge Onboarding gets you fully prepared for bitcoin inheritance.

We’ll even guide your heirs through recovering your vault’s bitcoin when the time comes.
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How collaborative custody works

Two-of-three custody

A total of three keys control your vault, with two of those keys required to approve a spend.

You hold two of your keys

With two keys, you’re in total control of your bitcoin. Keep each key in a separate location.

We secure a backup key

With only one key, we can’t move your bitcoin, but we can collaborate to move bitcoin if you lose a key.

Vaults for teams

If you’re part of a business, charity, trust, or other entity that needs to take control of its bitcoin, we can help.

Business vaults provide all the tools required to distribute and manage control across your team.
Business vault pricing

Anyone can safely take control of their own bitcoin.

But you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re hesitant about securing your own keys, our team can hold your hand through the process. With the right guidance, it’s easier than you think!


We can help you complete a withdrawal when you only have access to one of your keys, e.g., while travelling or when one key is stored abroad. Requires video verification.

Smoother key replacements

Replacing a lost or stolen key is simple and painless. And unlike other multisig wallets, you don’t create a whole new wallet after replacing a key—your transaction history persists.

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