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Access liquidity—$3 million and up—from your institution's bitcoin treasury


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Lost bitcoin

Borrow with peace of mind

Rehypothecation in bitcoin-backed lending is a non-starter. Distributing bitcoin keys among three key holders ensures that no single person or company can move your bitcoin. This protects your bitcoin from rehypothecation or loss and lets you monitor your bitcoin on the blockchain for the duration of the loan.

Unmatched bitcoin-backed financing expertise

Borrow from a bespoke lending team that has navigated, survived, and thrived through multiple market cycles, without experiencing a single loan loss, and which has cultivated a profound, long-term understanding of the bitcoin market.

Built from the ground up for institutions

Gain access to $3 million and up worth of liquidity at the best rates available for non-rehypothecated loans. These loans are designed for companies with bitcoin rich balance sheets. Whether your business is new to bitcoin-backed financing or is a seasoned expert, Unchained institutional loans are here to free up your working capital.
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How collaborative custody works

You hold a key

With one key, you can verify you’re sending bitcoin to the right place. Unchained can’t move your bitcoin without collaborating with you or the third party key agent.

Unchained holds a key

We have limited control over your bitcoin. Unchained loans are never comingled so you’re not at risk of custodial failure.

Kingdom Trust holds a key

You retain the title to your bitcoin for the duration of the loan. Choice signs transactions if Unchained is unavailable or if loan terms are breached

Where we lend

Unchained Capital, Inc. is not a bank. Loans may be originated by Lead Bank and subject to approval. Rates and fees vary by term lengths between 90 and 360 days. Pricing and terms may vary. See our pricing page for more information and how to apply for a loan. All loans have a maximum loan-to-value ratio based on required bitcoin collateral. Fees may be assessed on overdue amounts. A loan application is required. May not be available in all states and may be subject to local restrictions where available. California loans may be made or arranged by Unchained pursuant to a California Financing Law license. To learn more about Unchained's licensing, see our legal and regulatory page.

Lead Bank is an FDIC insured Missouri state-chartered bank. Lead Bank is an equal opportunity lender.

The ultimate guide to bitcoin-backed loans

We’ve put together a thorough guide that covers everything you’ll want to know about bitcoin-backed loans.
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