About us

Established at block height 433179, Unchained Capital is the world’s premier bitcoin financial services company.

Our mission is to build a bitcoin-native ecosystem that ensures everyone can secure and maximize the value of their bitcoin holdings over multiple generations.

We believe bitcoin provides infrastructure for a free and open financial system far superior to current fiat standards. Our self-custody vaults and financial services leverage the bitcoin protocol to deliver safe, easy-to-use, and transparent products that empower clients to hold private keys.  

Our company is made up of a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of individuals with high standards for excellence. All of our clients receive a premium support experience, and we respect client privacy by collecting only essential personal and financial information. Our team is committed to our vision of bitcoin ubiquity and a future financial system built on the right values and principles.

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Our team

Joe Kelly
Co-Founder & CEO

Dhruv Bansal
Co-Founder & CSO

Will Cole
Chief Product Officer

Mike Ciesla
Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Preston
Chief Compliance Officer

Parker Lewis
Head of Business Development

Velvet Campbell
Head of Client Services

Jeff Vandrew
Head of Retirement & Inheritance

Afsheen Bigdeli
Vice President, Engineering

Phil Geiger
Managing Director, Concierge

Michael Tanguma
VP, Growth

Cam Stromme
Vice President, Client Solutions

Daniel Chavez
Vice President, Client Services

Kathleen Murphy
Director of Human Resources

Steve Blackmon
Director of Engineering

Kayla Costa
Head of Staff

Chris Howe
Senior Engineer

Justin Moore
Senior Engineer & Team Lead

Buck Perley
Senior Engineer & Team Lead