Bitcoin IRA for your retirement

Save bitcoin on a tax-advantaged basis while holding your own keys


No better way to save for retirement

Bitcoin is the ultimate generational asset, immune to the risk of inflation.

Tax-advantaged bitcoin savings

Combine bitcoin with the tax advantages of an IRA or Roth IRA retirement account.

No single point of failure

You hold the keys to your future, with your bitcoin secured in a multisig vault.

One integrated solution

With the Unchained IRA, we take care of everything for you. After registration, we’ll set up a multisignature vault properly titled to your IRA, help your IRA purchase bitcoin, and deliver that bitcoin to your IRA vault with no single point of failure.

Take control of your retirement.

Pricing is simple and straightforward. Unlike other bitcoin IRAs, we never charge account value fees or large markups on your bitcoin trades.

$995  One-time IRA setup fee

$250  Annual IRA fee (starting year two)

0.5%  Bitcoin trade fee

$250  Concierge onboarding (optional)

$75  Per hardware wallet (optional)

Available in US only. $6,000 minimum for each USD rollover or annual contribution. You are not required to make a rollover or contribution in any given year.

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“There is no better way to save for the long-term than holding bitcoin in a tax-advantaged account while also having possession of your own private keys. It is the pinnacle of retirement savings, and it’s what we work to both enable and make easy at Unchained Capital.”
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