Jeff Vandrew joins Unchained Capital as head of retirement and inheritance

First published: 08/26/2021
| Last updated: 01/17/2023
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At Unchained Capital, we are building a platform for individuals and businesses storing long-term wealth in bitcoin. We believe that private key ownership is fundamental to bitcoin, which is why helping clients more securely custody their bitcoin by holding their own private keys is core to our mission. 

While many view bitcoin as a speculative financial asset, we see it as a superior form of money rapidly emerging as a global standard of value. To us, bitcoin is a generational asset, and we build our platform with that horizon in mind. For our clients, we serve as a trusted partner not just for them as individuals but also for their families and their businesses. We expect our clients to be clients for life, and that informs how we build, how we structure our team, and how we focus our strategic investments.

KeyKeeper IRA joins Unchained

When we think about solving the comprehensive needs of our clients, retirement and inheritance are both critical areas of focus. Historically, we’ve helped address these needs through a close relationship with the Vandrew LLC law firm and its principal, Jeff Vandrew (creator of the KeyKeeper IRA, among other bitcoin-related legal strategies). But increasingly, we recognized that we were just scratching the surface of the value we could deliver to clients and decided the ideal path forward would be to fully integrate.

Jeff Vandrew
Jeff Vandrew
Head of Retirement & Inheritance

We could not be more excited to combine the KeyKeeper brand with Unchained and to have Jeff join our team full-time as our Head of Retirement and Inheritance. As a team, we’ve worked closely with Jeff over the past year, and personally, I’ve known Jeff for many years. Jeff shares our values as well as the vision for our platform. He’s not only become a close friend, but there’s no one more knowledgeable or trusted when it comes to the structuring of retirement and inheritance solutions in bitcoin. 

Jeff is a practicing attorney and licensed as a certified public accountant (CPA) with expertise in legal and tax advice. While Jeff will not be acting as an attorney on behalf of Unchained clients or directly providing tax advice, he will be responsible for a full suite of services that span across retirement, tax, and inheritance planning. 

The Unchained bitcoin IRA, coming soon

Together, we have big plans and our clients will benefit immensely as we integrate retirement and inheritance services within our platform. Initially, we will be releasing a self-directed IRA product built for clients that desire to have complete ownership of their retirement savings held in bitcoin.

Clients will be able to purchase bitcoin on a tax-advantaged basis and have it direct-deposited to an Unchained multisig vault secured by their own private keys. All of which will be facilitated by a single integrated service and partner to reduce friction.

Unchained provides one fully integrated bitcoin retirement service

While making private key ownership easy for retirement savings will be our first priority, Jeff’s mandate will be to ensure that the comprehensive retirement and inheritance needs of Unchained’s clients are always met. Our goal is to be a life-long partner to our clients and our investment in KeyKeeper and Jeff Vandrew is strategic to our ability to follow through on that commitment, now and into the future.  

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