Sponsoring The Mempool Open Source Project

First published: 08/18/2021
| Last updated: 01/17/2023
| -- min read

Bitcoin fee estimation is tricky business. Getting a transaction to its destination in the right amount of time without overpaying is like trying to hit a moving target, and if you get it wrong, you could be waiting for hours or even days before your payment finally arrives.

There are many different approaches to automated Bitcoin fee estimation, each with its own tradeoffs, but one organization that has totally nailed it is The Mempool Open Source Project

The Mempool team, through their single-minded approach to processing Bitcoin’s blockchain data, has produced a fee estimation tool that is reliable and accurate, and combined it with a robust API that makes it a breeze for companies like ourselves to integrate.

We’re now integrated

We’re pleased to reveal that the Unchained Capital platform’s fee estimation is now powered by mempool.space, The Mempool Open Source Project’s hosted block explorer service. The changes have been made in the background, so as a client, you probably won’t notice any visible differences. However, for the Bitcoin connoisseurs out there, you may start to notice some much more accurate fee estimates!

A new supporter

At Unchained Capital, we’ve developed our share of open-source software (e.g., Caravan and Hermit) and appreciate the sweat and tears that go into the production of tools like mempool.space. We want to meaningfully support the projects developed outside of the Unchained walls that we rely on, so we’ve signed up as an official enterprise sponsor of The Mempool Open Source Project, and we’ll be providing monthly contributions to help with the continuing development of the project.

mempool.space Dashboard

The Mempool Open Source Project’s team has built an incredible tool for the Bitcoin ecosystem and we’re proud to be a supporter. You can learn more about the project over at mempool.space.

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