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Quickly and easily onboard to an Unchained vault

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We make multisig easy

Our Concierge Onboarding service takes the stress out of sovereign bitcoin custody. The service comes with a one-hour video session from a vault concierge specialist, step-by-step vault set-up instructions, and best-practice operational security tips.
Plus, we’re here for you after onboarding. With ongoing support from the vault Concierge team, you’ll have everything you need to take full control of your bitcoin.

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Book a time with one of our bitcoin experts and create an account. We’ll ship you hardware wallets if you need them.

Configure your devices

We’ll walk you through hardware wallet setup and help you safely create the keys that will secure your vault.

Build your vault

You’ll be guided through vault creation at your own pace and given the chance to get all your bitcoin security questions answered.

Everyone has the ability to hold their own keys.

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Concierge Onboarding package

Build a vault with Concierge Onboarding

For $350, we’ll provide all the guidance you need to set up secure bitcoin cold storage that you control.

Video call to guide you safely through vault setup
The Inheritance Protocol delivered to your door
Hardware wallets, if you need them (+$75 per device)
30 days of access to Premium Support
Ongoing support for maximum confidence
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Know someone who could benefit from better bitcoin security?

The Unchained Inheritance Protocol

To make sure you’re prepared for multi-generational bitcoin savings, we provide the Unchained Inheritance Protocol with Concierge Onboarding. You’ll receive a step-by-step guide and the required documents to prepare yourself and your executor for secure bitcoin estate planning. 

If you already have an Unchained vault you can purchase the Inheritance Protocol separately.

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Inheritance Protocol package

30-day trial of Premium Support

Concierge Onboarding comes with access to priority support channels and the option to book additional video calls to help with sensitive vault tasks. We make sure that you have the support you need to get familiar and confident with your new bitcoin security setup.

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Common questions

What’s covered?

The Concierge Onboarding calls will walk you through configuring devices, educating you on each step in the process and why certain configuration decisions are made. The vault construction calls will teach you about multisig and best practices for securing hardware wallets, recovery seeds, and wallet configuration files depending on your specific needs and living situation. You will also be guided through enabling security features to protect your Unchained account. 

Support questions can be directed to the priority email or phone line, or if your complimentary trial of Premium Support has ended, emailed to our standard support team.

How is Concierge Onboarding different from a consultation?

The Concierge Onboarding comes with hands-on guided support for configuring hardware wallets and building vaults. We’ll also take care of shipping the hardware wallets to you.

The consultation is a complimentary demo of the vaults. We will provide written guides and videos to help you complete a DIY setup of your devices and vault. Schedule a consultation.

How does device configuration work?

Your vault specialist will coordinate a time with you to configure your hardware wallets according to the manufacturer’s setup steps. The call takes place over video chat, and the vault specialist will share their screen to walk you through the steps. You will never be asked to share private key information during the call.

Can I build a vault for no setup or storage fees?

Yes, you can build a vault with no setup or storage fees for client-controlled vaults today here. And, you can purchase and configure your own devices by following this link. Additionally, you can follow along with this demo to construct the vault on your own.

How long will my hardware wallets take to ship?

After your payment clears, which can take 2-4 business days, hardware wallets are generally shipped from our warehouse and then take about 2-5 business days to arrive. We will provide tracking information as soon as it is available.

Is the Concierge team available for questions?

After you have completed onboarding, you will be able to book 1-on-1 video calls with our Concierge team during your trial of Premium Support. Alternatively, our Knowledge Base and regular support channels will always be able to take care of the most common issues.