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Get a bitcoin-backed loan with Unchained to fund your investments or pay your expenses


Unlock the value of your bitcoin

At Unchained Capital, we build products for long-term bitcoin holders. Our simple platform and live support can help you apply for a loan and get approved within one business day. See where we lend, sign up and get a bitcoin-backed loan today!

  • No rehypothecation  (what’s that?)
  • Multisignature custody
  • No credit checks
  • No token or membership plan

Borrow for everything, from buying real estate to paying taxes


Make tax season easy
  • Reduce the tax burden created by selling bitcoin
  • Borrow against your bitcoin to help make a tax payment
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Real estate

Diversify into other hard assets
  • Fund the purchase of your next home
  • Invest in rental property or home improvements
  • Fast closings can mean more efficient transaction funding than traditional lenders

Debt consolidation

Consolidate your other debt
  • Eliminate costly credit card debt
  • Simplify payments with just one loan
  • No credit check required


Grow your business
  • Fund expansion
  • Free up working capital
  • Leverage your fund’s balance sheet through margin financing

See what you can borrow

Minimum $10,000. For loans over $1m, get in touch.

Term Term: The number of 30-day interest payments within your loan term. For example, a 12-payment term would be 360 days (not 365). The principal is due with the final interest payment. Learn more.

Interest rate 11%
APR Annual percentage rate (APR): A measure of the cost of credit, which includes interest charged and other costs such as origination fees, expressed as a yearly rate. %
30-day payments (interest only): $ 30-day payment: This is what you’ll pay every 30 days in interest for your loan. The principal (the initial size of a loan) is due with the final interest payment. Learn more. Final payment: $ Final payment: This is the total you will need to pay for the last scheduled payment of your loan term. It comprises the final interest payment and total outstanding principal. Learn more. Origination fee: % ($) Finance charge: $1,200 Estimated loan-to-value (LTV): 40% LTV: The ratio of the size of your loan to the value of your bitcoin collateral. E.g., a 40% loan-to-value (LTV) would require you to deposit a min. of $25,000 worth of bitcoin to open a $10,000 loan. 40% LTV is the max. available for loans under $1,000,000. Learn more. Estimated margin call price: $5,321 Margin call price: The bitcoin price at which the value of your collateral would fall below the required level and you will be required to deposit additional collateral or close your loan. Learn more.
  • First margin call:
  • Accelerated margin call:
  • Immediate full liquidation:
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Calculator is for demonstration purposes only and does not represent a commitment to lend. Bitcoin loans require interest-only payments every 30 days. Interest-only payments are calculated by multiplying the outstanding principal balance by the simple annual interest rate converted to a daily rate using a 365-day year. The final payment includes the last interest-only payment and the full balance of all outstanding principal. Interest rates, origination fees, payment terms, and minimums vary by state according to local lending laws and regulations.

Custody is king

Security is the number one factor you should consider when taking a bitcoin-backed loan. At Unchained Capital, we store our customers’ bitcoin in dedicated addresses from our multisignature, cold storage wallet. That means no singlesig, no exchanges, and no third parties are used.

Loans up to $1,000,000 approved within the same week


Fill out a secure loan application that only takes minutes to complete.


Once your profile is approved, you can apply for your loan. Interest rates may vary by state.


You’ll be allocated a unique address on the blockchain to monitor your collateral during the loan term.

Multi-institution custody available for loans

Three independent key holders collaborate to protect collateral. Collateral is stored in multisig addresses requiring 2-of-3 keys to spend. These keys are held by you (the borrower), Unchained, and a third-party key agent. No one person or organization is a single point of failure. Here’s how it works.

You & Unchained

Help protect your own collateral

Upload a key from your hardware wallet

We use this key to build your loan’s dedicated on-chain address

Closing or transferring your loan? Co-sign a transaction with us to release your funds.

You & key agent

Recover if we’re unavailable

We plan on helping you protect your wealth for many years.

In the unlikely scenario that Unchained Capital is unavailable, you will be able to recover your collateral by co-signing with our third party key agent.

Unchained & key agent

We help you protect your wealth

If you lose your key, we will co-sign transactions with the key agent to recover your funds.

In tragic circumstances, we can work with your estate to recover your funds.

If you default on a loan, we will co-sign transactions with the key agent to liquidate your funds.

What our clients are saying

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Loan collateral statuses

Your loan, at a glance

The bitcoin markets can move fast, so we make sure it’s easy for you to check in on the health of your loan through the Unchained dashboard. Know at a glance when you’re over-collateralized or when you need to consider depositing additional collateral.

Put your bitcoin to work

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Loans made or arranged are originated per applicable state law. California loans are made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law License. To learn more about Unchained’s licensing, see our legal and regulatory page.