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Personal & retirement

Control your bitcoin, plan for the future


Our approach to collaborative custody provides greater security and access to a range of financial services.

At Unchained Capital, we are working to provide solutions for all your personal and business bitcoin banking needs. We offer individual accounts tailored to clients securing long-term wealth in bitcoin and you can easily add business accounts, whether for the bitcoin you hold through your IRA, family trust or an operating business that has begun to shift treasury assets to bitcoin. In addition to custody, we offer a suite of financial services that currently includes concierge onboarding, lending and trade execution to buy bitcoin in certain states.

  • Complete control over funds, eliminate counterparty risk
  • Private keys replace weaker forms of authentication
  • No single point of failure, native bitcoin multisig
  • Trusted financial partner as backup key holder
  • External spending available by default with Caravan
  • Competitive features and pricing


A growing suite of services and capabilities





Eliminate single points of failure from your bitcoin security

Vault onboarding that caters to your experience, serving individuals, businesses and funds.

Build it yourself

Start today with no setup or storage fees

Create an account and complete your profile

Upload public keys from your hardware wallets

Create a Vault

Get Help from an Expert

We’ll send and teach you how to use hardware wallets

We’ll build your vault together and teach you multisig

We’ll continue to provide you support after setup

Concierge Onboarding

Loans: Unlock the value of your bitcoin

We build products for long-term bitcoin holders. Our simple platform and live support can help you apply for a loan and get approved within the same week. See where we lend, sign up and get a bitcoin-backed loan today!

Learn more about loans
  • No rehypothecation  (what’s that?)
  • Multisignature custody
  • No credit checks
  • No token or membership plan

Personal, retirement, and business from one easy-to-use interface

Individuals can have personal accounts and business accounts in one easy to use interface, with the ability to toggle between accounts.

Each account can have multiple vaults and different combinations of keys and key holders depending on the account.

Add the users you need — up to 15 with our standard plans.  

Works with the most trusted devices

Get secure custody with keys you control. Personal accounts with Unchained Capital are compatible with hardware wallets from Trezor, Coldcard and Ledger.

Not ready to dive in yet, but want to learn more?