Secure your bitcoin with confidence

Protect your bitcoin with cold storage that you control and get access to trading, inheritance, loans, and IRAs—all backed by the best support in the industry.

Join thousands of individuals and businesses securing over $6 billion of bitcoin with Unchained

Start with Concierge Onboarding.

When upgrading your bitcoin security, you don’t need to go it alone. Our team is on hand to help with a guided setup, no matter your bitcoin experience.
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Secure with collaborative custody.

With our collaborative custody vaults, you can take control of your bitcoin while getting the benefits of a partner to support with technical issues, recovery, and inheritance.
BOOK AN ONBOARDINGPrefer to set up a vault yourself?

Grow with trading, loans, and IRAs.

Manage your bitcoin wealth with a fully integrated suite of financial services designed for the bitcoin holder.
Book a consultationTrading, loans, and IRAs are currently limited to US clients only.

Anyone can safely take control of their own bitcoin.

Withdraw from an exchange

Exchange hacks and collapses are the greatest risk to your bitcoin. We can help guide you to withdraw to your own vault.

Upgrade from singlesig

If you already hold bitcoin in your own wallet, you can still significantly increase your security with a multisig vault.

You’ll be in good hands.

Customer support is at the heart of all our services.
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“Unchained were incredibly attentive and answered all my questions in a timely manner. Well done!”
“I've probably referred 6-8 people over the past year who've all been SO happy and satisfied.”
“The UI is simple and intuitive and the support has been exceptional.”
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Bitcoin is for life generations.

As a long-term bitcoin holder, your priorities inevitably change over the course of your life. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Help with life’s big purchases

Buying a car or making home improvements? Easily rebalance your bitcoin portfolio with the trading desk.

Prepare for retirement

Save bitcoin in a tax-advantaged account while keeping control of your keys.

The next generation

We can help your heirs take possession of your bitcoin after your death, no matter their bitcoin experience.

Don’t expose your business to bank and exchange failures

“Not your keys, not your bitcoin” applies to businesses as much as it does to individuals. Securely distribute control of your bitcoin to your team with purpose-built business vaults.
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"We provide intermediary custody of bitcoin rewards until our customers withdraw to self-custody. During that period, safeguarding those assets is critical to our business operations and ensuring our community's trust. We use Unchained's multisig vault solutions to ensure those assets are safe and sound, always.”
Will Reeves
CEO — Fold

Buy bitcoin straight to your vault

Say goodbye to settling bitcoin purchases to an exchange account then jumping through hoops to make a withdrawal. Bitcoin purchased through the trading desk land directly into your cold storage.

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