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Buy bitcoin to cold storage on the go

Get the Unchained companion app for iOS, the easiest way to buy bitcoin and track your Unchained accounts.

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Purchase bitcoin to your vault from your pocket

The Unchained companion app enhances your Unchained experience and is the easiest way to smash buy large amounts of bitcoin directly to your vault.

  • Buy bitcoin
  • Deposit bitcoin
  • Review your portfolio

The new standard in mobile bitcoin


Deposit to your vault quickly

Pull up a vault deposit address in just a few seconds to send your bitcoin straight to cold storage multisig, then sleep easy knowing your bitcoin are secure.

mobile security

Enhanced security features

2FA and biometric logins keep your Unchained account limited to just you. Lock down your Unchained account in an instant if you’ve been compromised. Multisig vaults ensure that your bitcoin is safe even if your account isn’t.


Notifications about your bitcoin finances

Get updates about the status of your bitcoin transactions and loan health right to your phone.

The Unchained app is live but just getting started

This release is just the beginning. Here’s what we have planned:

  • Bitcoin price widget
  • Android version
  • Account onboarding
  • Transaction approval
  • Mobile transaction signing
  • Video verifications
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