Introducing Unchained Signature: Redefining the private client experience

First published: 07/06/2023
| Last updated: 07/06/2023
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In a time of great uncertainty in the markets, Unchained Signature presents the ultimate solution for securing your long-term bitcoin savings. We are redefining industry standards in personalized support and account management so that you can stop worrying about whether or not your bitcoin is going to be there tomorrow and start focusing on the more important things in life.

We believe that in these unprecedented times, access to other great minds in bitcoin is one of the most important ways to give our clients the edge they need. With Unchained Signature you get a combination of institutional-grade security and exceptional financial services. You’ll gain unparalleled access to our team of experts and connect with other Signature clients at exclusive events both in person and online. 

Unprecedented account management

Unchained Signature offers a range of cutting-edge features designed to empower our clients in managing their bitcoin so that they can sleep easy knowing that their bitcoin are secure:

Dedicated account management: Receive personalized attention and support from a dedicated account manager who understands your unique needs and goals.

Exclusive events and content: Immerse yourself in our exclusive physical and virtual events, offering invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and curated content tailored specifically for our Signature clients. Connect with other Unchained Signature clients and industry thought leaders in a dedicated chat group.

Priority support: Enjoy prioritized access to our technical support team, ensuring your inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. We’ll even drop everything and travel to you to assist in case of a real emergency. 

Unchained cosignatures: Experience the freedom of Unchained cosigning your transactions, guaranteed to be prioritized and signed in a timely fashion.

Multiple trust accounts: Effortlessly manage your estate from a single platform, providing unmatched convenience and control.

Early access to new products: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive early access to our upcoming products and services, with your feedback prioritized for enhancements and upcoming services. 

In short, this isn’t your typical private client offering. Unchained Signature is for the discerning client who demands access to the best minds in bitcoin.

Events with the leading voices in bitcoin

Unchained Signature clients gain access to our highly anticipated first annual black-tie event and bi-monthly virtual meetings with Tuur Demeester & Saifedean Ammous. Tuur is the founder of Adamant Capital and has written keynote bitcoin market reports since 2012. His market insights will give our Signature clients the edge when it comes to bitcoin. Saifedean Ammous is the most well respected academic author in the bitcoin space, having written the seminal books The Bitcoin Standard, The Fiat Standard and Principles of Economics.

Join Unchained Signature today

Elevate your bitcoin account management to unprecedented levels of security, support, and exclusivity with Unchained Signature. Our unparalleled features, personalized attention, and commitment to your success set us apart. Embrace the power of collaborative custody and embark on a journey that empowers you to make the most of your bitcoin. If you are an existing Unchained client, your services will continue to operate without any changes to them.

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