Trust Accounts

Manage bitcoin in your trust

Properly title bitcoin to your trust and access financial services

Hassle-free onboarding

Creating an Unchained trust account takes less than ten minutes. Enter your trust details during onboarding and invite your trustees to the account.

Buy, sell and secure bitcoin

Trust vaults are the most secure way to store bitcoin for generations, and the Unchained trading desk makes it easy to buy and sell bitcoin without having to work with another company.

Alternative custody options for private wealth

Gain access to the Unchained enterprise custody network and secure bitcoin across up to 3 enterprise key agents in different geographic locations.
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The best team in bitcoin

Our team is on hand to help you take ownership of your bitcoin with confidence.

Financial services at your fingertips


Integrated, compliant, and private trade execution to balance your treasury.

Commercial loans

Use your bitcoin for a loan to finance operations or grow your business.

Secure your bitcoin legacy