The Braid Model

A domain model developed by Unchained to move the industry…

Buck Perley

Operator roles: Life stages in the saga of a PSBT

The Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT) standard was first formalized…

Jack Degenstein

Contributing to Bitcoin Core: Coin selection, patience, and getting started

Ben Woosley, a.k.a. Empact, has been a contributor to Bitcoin…

Ben Woosley

Covenants & CTV: What they are, how bitcoin custody might benefit, and risks to consider

Covenants have become a hot topic recently in bitcoin tech-…

Buck Perley

Getting Taproot ready for multisig

As of 5:15 UTC on Sunday, Nov. 14—or block 709,632—the…

Afsheen Bigdeli

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