Jamie Dimon, 21 million bitcoin

In 2017, Jamie Dimon famously called bitcoin a fraud. Then…

Parker Lewis

Why Proof of Stake won鈥檛 be used for intergalactic first contact: A Bitcoin Astronomy essay

Ethereum鈥檚 鈥渕erge鈥 to full Proof of Stake has put the…

Buck Perley

Bitcoin, energy and the Texas stars align

As published in the April 2022 issue of NAPE. While…

Parker Lewis , Gideon Powell

Bitcoin Astronomy: Beyond Humanity

A future history of first contact between human and alien…

Dhruv Bansal

Bitcoin Astronomy: Kardashev Money

This is Part II in a series of speculations about…

Dhruv Bansal

Bitcoin Astronomy: The Law of Hash Horizons

The desire to travel far away and start a new…

Dhruv Bansal

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