Established at block height 433179, Unchained Capital is the world’s premier bitcoin financial services company.

Unchained in 2024

Since 2016 (circa block 433,179), Unchained has been dedicated to…

Joe Kelly

Announcing institutional lending at Unchained

Institutional lending using bitcoin as collateral is a growing space…


Security vs. convenience: Designing “Sell bitcoin” on top of multisig cold storage

Bitcoin native financial services that prioritize security are typically perceived…

Julia Mines

Bullish on bitcoin: US Investor outlook for BTC in 2024

Unchained surveyed over 400 investors across the US to learn…


Unchained partners with Bakkt to expand its custody network

Unchained today announced that Bakkt has agreed to join its…


Announcing Sound Advisory, powered by Unchained

Unchained's mission is to provide premier financial services for bitcoin…

Phil Geiger

Introducing the enterprise collaborative custody network

Today we’re introducing the enterprise collaborative custody network: a network…


Introducing Unchained Signature: Redefining the private client experience

Introducing Unchained Signaturethe ultimate solution for securing your long-term bitcoin…

Joe Kelly

Shimon Lazarov joins Unchained as Chief Marketing Officer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Shimon Lazarov…


$60 million to expand financial services for bitcoiners

We’re thrilled to announce a $60 million Series B funding…

Joe Kelly

Bolstering multisig security with support for Ledger 2.0 wallet registration

We at Unchained consider multisig on bitcoin an unparalleled method…

Buck Perley , Jack Degenstein
Unchained Capital logo

Update on Unchained’s banking partnerships

Yesterday, one of our banking partners, Silvergate, announced that they…

Joshua Preston

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