Established at block height 433179, Unchained Capital is the world’s premier bitcoin financial services company.

Wallet history title graphic

Introducing: Wallet history

At Unchained, we obsess over the client experience when it…

Sahil Chaturvedi

Taking control of your bitcoin in case of a GBTC unwind

The GBTC trust, also known as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust,…

Jessy Gilger , Jeff Vandrew

Pass your bitcoin to the next generation with the Unchained Inheritance Protocol

Bitcoin is a multigenerational asset, but it’s important that the…

Phil Geiger

Texas hedged

In 2016, I was working at Hayman Capital in Dallas,…

Parker Lewis

Update from our CEO

Updates on Unchained’s business and evolution, and steps we are…

Joe Kelly

How to buy and hold bitcoin in an IRA or Roth IRA

Many people want to hold bitcoin in an IRA. However,…

Jeff Vandrew

Unchained forms strategic relationship with Choice

We’re excited to announce that Unchained has entered into a…

Neil Woodfine

Best practices for securing the keys to your Unchained vault

Collaborative custody vaults with Unchained Capital are a form of…

Phil Geiger , Stephen Hall

Announcing trading on Unchained

Today we’re announcing a major expansion to our trading desk,…

Will Cole

How to create an Unchained multisig vault with two Coldcards

Coldcard is a premium hardware wallet for sophisticated users, and…

Phil Geiger

Why you should leave banking for bitcoin

This is Kevin’s story about leaving the traditional banking world…

Kevin Stoneham

On bitcoin, commerce, custody, and Texas’ strategic mining interests

The Work Group on Blockchain Matters was created by Texas…

Joe Kelly

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