Announcing Concierge Client

First published: 11/01/2021
| Last updated: 01/17/2023
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At Unchained Capital, we instill a culture built around bitcoin and deliver long-term value to clients. Unchained is not an app; we are a partner. When it comes to our clients, nothing at Unchained is transactional. Our philosophy is to focus on building relationships that will last decades, if not longer, and that guides how we structure our client-facing organization.

An atomic unit around the client

To most, bitcoin is just another financial asset trading on a screen. To us, bitcoin is the best form of money that has ever existed. We expect it to be adopted by billions of people and emerge as the global standard of value due to the credibility of its monetary properties. Bitcoin is beyond a generational event, and that informs the foundational structure of our platform, down to our approach to custody and the investment we make in clients. 

Over the course of this year, we have invested in and formalized what we believe is the right atomic unit built around the client to establish enduring relationships and deliver the highest value experience. The three core columns of this unit are Client Solutions, Concierge, and Client Service. Each column fulfills a unique function, and when added together, ensure our clients always receive the highest standard of care in bitcoin. Our uncompromising approach to security using collaborative custody is what attracts clients to our platform, but how we integrate value-added services and support is what differentiates us.

Announcing Concierge Client

Our approach to custody is for those storing material wealth in bitcoin for the long term, and clients who work with us generally use our vaults to secure the vast majority of their bitcoin holdings. As a business, it is difficult to imagine a more critical responsibility than helping individuals and businesses secure either their life savings or corporate treasury in bitcoin. In our case, our clients hold keys alongside Unchained, eliminating a financial institution as a single point of failure or as a source of counterparty risk, but that makes client support and education that much more critical of a function. We give our clients great power, but we share the great responsibility of safekeeping bitcoin.In furthering the investments in our client infrastructure, we’re excited to announce our Concierge Client program, designed for clients that value and demand a private banking-like service standard. At Unchained, every client receives the highest level of security achievable in bitcoin, and any client that needs support with their bitcoin always has and always will receive it. Clients pay for service, not security. Bitcoin security is sacrosanct, and regardless of nominal wealth, any individual securing their life savings in bitcoin should treat it that way. We work to ensure that all clients can achieve the highest standard of care while tailoring service levels based on the needs of individual clients.

We built Concierge Client with that philosophy in mind. Historically, our Concierge program was officially limited to onboarding, where we help clients throughout the process of setting up (and backing up) private keys and creating a multisig vault with Unchained. After seeing the success of this service, we decided to expand the program to deliver a comparable client experience on a go-forward basis for similar clientele.

Concierge Client benefits

Concierge Client leverages our Concierge team, focused on premium custody experience, and our Client Services team, building in a higher tier of support to prioritize access. As part of Concierge Client, individuals will receive three core benefits:

  1. The ability to schedule one-to-one time with our industry-leading technical experts whenever needed
  2. Live phone and dedicated Telegram chat support
  3. Live access to exclusive webinars hosted by our executives and leadership team.

All clients that sign up for Concierge Onboarding will receive access to our Concierge Client program for three months following account setup. We’ve structured our Concierge service in this way to ensure all clients who participate:

  1. Have access to resources beyond the initial onboarding to ensure complete confidence in their custody set up, and
  2. Have a chance to experience the benefits of Concierge Client before opting in on an annual basis for $2,000 per year. 

Existing clients will be able to opt-in to this tier of service for the annual fee. Clients that exceed pre-defined thresholds of assets secured will be automatically opted-in to this program, waiving the annual fee. These clients with high balances often access higher-value services over time, including our trading desk, bitcoin-backed loans, and bitcoin retirement accounts. Providing Concierge Client as a standard for these individuals is consistent with how we operate today and align incentives to develop valuable long-term relationships.

We take care of everyone at Unchained

To be clear, all existing clients will continue to receive the industry-leading client service standard we’ve established to date. While Concierge Client will deliver a higher-touch service, it is structured for those that demand and value greater access. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Client Solutions contact or email our Client Services team. You can also schedule a consultation if interested in either Concierge Onboarding or Concierge Client.

We always strive to meet the demands of our clients, and we are excited for this new program as we continue to empower more people to truly own their wealth through bitcoin.

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